May 10, 2016


When I heard Goop was popping up shop on Maiden Lane this month, I knew I had to stop by. 

140 Maiden Lane is inconspicuous from the outside, but the inside is absolutely breath taking. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (huge fan over here!), and is a bright space with mid century modern details, plus an absolutely stunning staircase. If the staircase looks familiar, that's because it was inspired by the famed staircase at the Guggenheim in New York. The American Institute of Architecture actually named the space one of Wright's 17 essential works. 

Steven Volpe was brought in to do the decor, while Flora Grubb Gardens installed all the greenery. It all came together in a way that felt modern, while paying homage to Wright and his vision.

The products in the pop-up were as expected: Beautiful, luxurious, and outrageously expensive. There were gaggles of women trying face creams, others ooohing and ahhing over the full kitchen set up, and a few gently flipping through racks of luxury yoga wear.

I was in awe of the entire thing.

I really wanted to take a home a souvenir and I had my eye on a copy of "It's All Easy". I wanted to take a piece of the store home with me, but a quick Amazon search showed Gwyneth's latest cookbook at 40% off, so you know I hit that 1-click order and walked out empty handed.

Goop MRKT is open through May 22nd.

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