May 16, 2016


Between all the apps and online shopping we have access to, it can be easy to wonder where your money disappears each month. I have been making a conscious effort to be more savvy with my spending, and I wanted to share three easy ways to cutback on mindless spending.

Image via Dagne Dover

1. Unsubscribe From Promo Emails -- My mom is a wise (and financially savvy) lady, and she once told me "There will always be another sale". Those words really stuck with me, especially when I see stores having promos more and more often. If you are buying something you truly need or want, another sale will come around. If you are on a budget, unsubscribe from emails from stores you shop in. When you don't get the email announcing a 24 hour flash sale or 30% off this weekend, you won't get sucked in to buying things you don't need.

2. Stop Ordering Delivery -- On lazy days, especially Sundays, it's so easy to just tap your phone a few times and have food delivered through one of the hundreds of delivery apps available. It easily turns in to a habit. However, with delivery fees and tips, it can easily double the price of a meal. Instead, stock up on some healthy, frozen meals to eat in case of emergency.

3. Cancel Recurring or Subscription Services -- When you set up a service with recurring payments, it's easy to just forget about the cost. Really think about if you use services like Netflix or Spotify, and if you can live with out them. Also look into which ones you can share with a friend or significant other (like Netflix!). In terms of subscriptions, do you really need bacon of the month club? or new athleisure every weekend? Really weigh if it is cost effective, necessary, or brings you joy. I quit Fabletics and Netflix, but I stayed subscribed to Book of the Month because it fits those parameters.

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