May 11, 2016


Recently, a Facebook ad caught my eye (finally, good for something!), advertising a book subscription service, plus a discount code to boot. The gist of Book of the Month Club (BOTM), is that each month they have a curated list of 5 books, give you a brief synopsis of each, and you choose which one you want mailed to you. The cost of the service includes shipping, so there is no extra fee after you pay for your subscription (unless you want more than one book from that month's selections -- you can order extra at $10 a piece).

I like this model because it still gives you a choice in what to read. Honestly, I get really lost on Amazon and end up with such a long list of books that I don't buy any. BOTM gives a nice variety of books and honestly I've had a hard time choosing just one.

When my first book, The Nest, arrived, I was so happy to see the book was a beautiful hardcover copy, well worth the money! The April Guest judge was Ellie Kemper (love her!!), and I chose her selection so I got that sweet I <3 Ellie sticker too. Loved the book by the way... keep an eye out for a review coming up!

The current pricing is:
1- Month plan for $16.99
3-Month plan for $44.97 ($14.99 per book)
12-Month plan for $143.88 (11.99 per book)
You can also always skip a month at no additional charge if you don't like any of the selections.

Also, if you want to sign up, they are running a promo for the month of May, use code MAY30 to get 30% off of a 3 month subscription! You can sign up here: Book of the Month Club.

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