May 5, 2016


I am a regular podcast listener while I am working and commuting, so I wanted to share my 5 favorites. I prefer highly edited and produced podcasts that focus on storytelling, so if that's up your alley than give these ones a try! 

1. Monocycle by ManRepeller -- Man Repeller was the first blog I ever read (I think in 2010..?) and followed religiously. I loved Leandra's quirky style, and her hilarious and insightful writing. It's been pretty incredible to see the evolution of the site and see Leandra become a force in the fashion world. I recently started listening to her podcast, Monocycle, and I ran through every episode very quickly. Leandra is so intelligent and well spoken. She really hits the nail on the head of so many topics that I found myself saying "YAAAASS" and nodding along through almost every episode. I find that she really encourages positive thinking and self awareness without being too new age, as I find some other podcasts and authors. Bottom line, it's completely relatable and you will feel like someone else really gets it.

Favorite Episodes: Vulnerability, Fashion Week is Funny, Saturday State of Mind, Self-Sabotage

2. Reply All -- Gimlet Media produces quite a few awesome podcasts, but Reply All is my favorite. In a nutshell, it explores the human side of the internet. Make sense? No, not really, but give it a listen and you will understand. The stories are captivating and the hosts are hilarious, they really have a gift for storytelling. (Surprisingly Awesome is another Gimlet podcast that deserves a mention!)

Favorite Episodes: The Time Traveler and The Hitman, This Proves Everything, The Art of Making and Fixing Mistakes, Exit and Return

3. Modern Love -- A podcast version of the New York Times popular series, Modern Love has different celebrities read essays that are submitted by readers on the topic of love. It's really fascinating, heartwarming, and funny. The podcast truly explores all different facets of love and the complications that come along with it. It really just embodies what it is to be human. Plus, they have bonus episodes with further commentary and listener stories relating to the previous episode, which I really enjoy.

Favorite episodes: Missed Connections, A Faithful Leap, A Millennial's Guide to Kissing, A Second Embrace

4. Planet Money -- While economics are not my forte, this podcast really grabs my attention and keeps it for the full episode. They explain all things money and economics, and answer several questions that you probably had but never articulated. Like why are Birkin bags so expensive? Why do we tip? How do matzo manufacturers make money? The podcast is equal parts economics, history, and social commentary. All the episodes are very fascinating.

Favorite Episodes: The Fondue Conspiracy, Bagging a Birkin, How Stuff Gets Cheaper

5. This American Life -- Okay, so if you have ever listened to a single podcast, you definitely know about This American Life. But there is a good reason it is so popular. It really delves deep into the issues facing our society as American's, but in a very digestible manner. Some episodes will wrench your heart, some will have you crying with laughter, and a lot will do both. The story telling is the best that I have listened to, and the amount of love and hard work poured into every episode is evident. Also, I want Ira Glass to read to me every night while I fall asleep. A little odd? Maybe, but I love his voice.

Favorite Episodes; Harper High School Part 1 and Part 2, The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind, Cops See It Differently Part 1 and Part 2

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