July 17, 2014


These posts are starting to become my favorites, because I really enjoy sharing products I love with my readers. I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately (oops) because the sales have been so good. Plus, I have a beach vacation coming up and living in San Francisco hasn't left me with much of an appropriate wardrobe for warm weather and beach activities.


1. Headband, Zella $10 - Usually headbands do not stay on my head, but these ones have little stick spots on the bottom so they stay put really well. I found them at Nordstrom Rack for $3!
2. Sandals, Gap $23 - As much as I love the slide trend, I walk a lot so I need an ankle strap to keep my shoes on. Especially cause you never know what is on city sidewalks...These sandals are perfect cause they give the slide look, but are very secure.
3. Cologne, Kenneth Cole $52 - I tend to enjoy how cologne smells more than perfume, and I was randomly smelling men's fragrance when I came across this Kenneth Cole cologne. I am obsessed, so much so that I bought a bottle for my boyfriend.
4. Sunglasses, Free People $18 - I love these updated cateye glasses, they make me feel like a cool girl, ya know? I also love that they are black on the top of the frames, and the bottom are a dark tortoise.
5. Veggie Burgers, Trader Joe's $2.50 - I don't usually include foods, but these are amazing! They taste like samosa filling. Yum.
6. Earrings, Banana Republic $23 - I am a firm believer that sales in-store are always better than online. Case in point, I bought these earrings at Banana this weekend and they were $17, plus an additional 50% off.  I still am into the cluster earring trend, and I love the art deco feel of this pair.
7. Sandals, Madewell $25 - I actually bought these in black, which are no longer available online. They are great quality and on crazy good sale.

Edit: The Gap sandals sold out shortly after this post, so I would definitely check at your local Gap for the sandals. Also, the Madewell sandals are nearly sold out, but they have a crazy amount at the SF Madewell, so check that out if you are in the area! I think they take orders by phone also. Both sandals fit true to size.

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