July 2, 2014


Lately I have been loving milkmaid braids for summer. I hate doing my hair in the morning, so I usually throw it in a low ponytail or a topknot. Needless to say, I don't always look put together. Milkmaid braids are SO easy and really adorable. Plus, they keep your hair up off your neck and out of your face for those too hot days. I prefer when they are a little messy and undone, because I think really polished braids can look too much like a costume. What do you think? Would you give milkmaid braids a try?


My hair is midlength with shorter layers, so I really like the tutorial video below from Alex Gaboury's Youtube Channel. A lot of other tutorials are from girls who have extremely long hair that they just braid and pin up, but this tutorial has tips on how to make it work with shorter hair. Pretty much still just braiding and pining though :).

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