July 23, 2014


It's kind of funny to see what scents my friends gravitate towards, whether it be perfume or candles. I feel like every person has such a distinct taste in scents and rarely do I meet two individuals with the same 'signature scent'. I personally have never been a fan of floral scents, and in my candles I really gravitate towards a fruitier smell. However, I like the fruity scent to be balanced out by a spicy or woodsy fragrance since I left Cucumber Melon behind many years ago.


1. Illume 'Pineapple Cilantro' $22 - I am obsessed with pineapples, they are my favorite fruit by a landslide. This candle balances out the sweet smell of pineapple with a spicy hit of cilantro. Light it in the kitchen!
2. Paddywax 'Fresh Fig and Cardamon' $20 - This one is burning next to me as a type. It is another scent that is fruity, but not sweet smelling.
3. Voluspa 'French Bourbon Vanille' $22 - I have always loved the smell of vanilla, and this candle really makes the scent feel sophisticated. While many vanilla scents can smell synthetic and sugary, this one smells very rich and luxurious. It is absolutely perfect on your nightstand.
4. Archipelago 'Marine' $30 - Sometimes I really just want a candle that smells clean. Not heavy on scent, and not too overpowering. This candle definitely fits the bill. It just smells vaguely salty and beachy, which leaves the room feeling fresh.

Tip: Voluspa and Paddywax both make miniature candles. If you either like to change up scents often, or just want to give one a test run, those are two great brands to check out. 

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