September 19, 2012


When it comes to getting dressed, guys have it so easy. And they don't even realize. Seriously, all you need is a well-fitted pair of jeans and a solid V-neck and you look good. I do appreciate guys who can put in a little more effort and take some chances on trendy clothes (but no hipsters, I am not talking to you. Your jeans and cardigans should not be tighter than mine.)

Men's Wear

V-Neck, American Vintage $45 - Shawl Collar Sweater, $40 - Jeans, Cheap Monday $68
Key Ring/Bottle Opener, Paul Smith $81 - Watch, Merona (TARGET!!!) $14.99 - Iphone Case, Goodwood $30
Wallet, Diesel $85 - Boots, Vave $495 - Dodger Hat, New Era $82

While most of the things in this outfit are a little more expensive than I usually like to feature on Postgrad, trendy and affordable men's clothes are extremely easy to find when shopping. Check out H&M (I even shop their men's section for oversize sweaters and v-necks) and Forever21 Mens!

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