September 11, 2012


Hopefully anyone else that has been trying to get fit has been keeping on tracks! I've been working pretty hard. Well, except fro-yo. and bin candy. and in-n-out..oops. Good thing I have taken up swimming laps this summer and (somewhat) surprisingly found my new favorite cardio. I have always loved being in the water, being from California and all, but the though of swimming back and forth in a pool sounded sooooo boring. After hurting my knee earlier this summer and getting tired of the bike, it was my own option to work out. At first I was confused on what to do without my ipod, but then I found that swimming is peaceful, clears your mind, and is a great whole body work out! Toned arms, legs, backs, and abs, hello! If you want to start swimming, here are a few tips to get started:

1. Get to know the right strokes. To keep from getting bored, I switch between freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and kickboarding. Look up the right form or bring a friend and ask them to let you know how you can improve. Sometimes the smallest changes make the stroke that much easier to do.

2. Get the Right Swimsuit. While its acceptable to swim in a bikini, most pools are filled with elderly people in one pieces so a speedo is a little more comfortable. Plus, bikinis don't really stay in place all that well when swimming laps so a speedo is best to swim in so you don't have to keep stopping to make sure your not flashing the old men and ladies. I got a two piece one from Nike that makes me look like a badass swimmer. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing, you WILL have love handles. Unless you are Alessandra Ambrosio. You need your bottoms tight that don't fall off, so they squeeze your sides pretty tight.

1. Speedo, $100 - 2. Speedo, $100 - 3. Nike, $52 
4. Nike, $70 - 5. Nike, $62 6. Nike, $74

3. Now get the right accessories! Besides the swimsuit, goggles and a cap are very important too. If your gym doesn't supply kickboards (it probably does) then I would suggest purchasing one yourself.
Goggles, $15.99 & Cap $11.99

4. Speak up in the lanes. Most pools have a limited number of lanes but swimmers are happy to share their lanes if you ask. Just stay to one side. Don't be afraid to ask the nice old ladies :)

5. Take care of yourself after your swim! The crazy amounts of chlorine in public pools really does a number on your hair and skin. Make sure you hydrate like crazy! I love Aveeno's leave-in conditioner to keep my hair soft after swimming. As for skin, Jergens lotion is amazing to keep your skin healthy too.

Swim Skin

Hair Ties, Emi-Jay $6.50 - Moisturizing Oil, Moroccan Oil $50 - Sunscreen, Neutrogena $11
  Facial Moisturizer, Clinique $37 - Pomegranate Makeup Removing Wipes, Korres $12- Detangling Comb, The Body Shop $7
Minted Rose Lip Balm, Smith's $8 - Leave-in Conditioner, Aveeno $7- Healing Lotion, Jergens $7 - Detangling Spray, Pantene Pro-V $4

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