April 27, 2016


If I'm going to be real, skincare kind of overwhelms me. It seems like as of late, there are a million people saying you need a trillion products. Eye cream, serum, anti aging, moisturizer, face masks, cleanser, toner... the list goes on. I've been lucky to have pretty good skin my whole life, so I've really just stuck with my same Neutrogena face wash and a little moisturizer, but that's about it as far as my skincare routine goes.

Well, with my 20's came some changes in my skin and I've added some really awesome products to my skincare regimen. 

1. Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix $18 - This spot treatment has worked really well for me. It's not as quick to get rid of acne as some others that I have tried, but it's much gentler on my skin (and it doesn't bleach my sheets!). It contains 3.5% benzoyl peroxide, so it's perfect for smaller, occasional blemishes. It also has nearly no smell which I like because other spot treatments I've tried had a very strong chemical smell.

2. Boots Botanics Facial Oil $9 - My skin seems to be getting drier, so I really wanted to try out a facial oil as a moisturizer. This one had amazing reviews online and is only $9 so it's definitely worth a try. It is very, very moisturizing, yet doesn't feel too heavy or clog pores. I apply it at night before bed, and in the morning if I am wearing makeup. My skin has been noticeably brighter, glowy-er (is that a word), and plumper than before. A little also definitely goes a long way, so a single bottle lasts awhile. 

I'm still working on improving my skincare routine, so if you have any words of advice or holy grail products, please share! 

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