April 1, 2016


Some random thoughts for a Friday... I've been reading and hearing a lot about morning routines and how important they are. I start work extremely early and I have a long commute, so my mornings are basically waking up at the last minute, brushing my teeth, changing, and running out the door with a banana. I started wondering if I am doing it all wrong and had to gently remind myself that I am just not a morning person and not to believe everything I read on the internet :).

Instead, I feel like I benefit from having a nightly routine. Each night I clean up my apartment, prep my lunch and coffee for the next day, stretch or foam roll, and try to fit in some reading. The mindless gets me in a nice zen mode right before bed, and since I am prepared for the next day I feel less stressed.

Moral of the story: Do what works for you. And sleep in.

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