June 4, 2014


Last Fall, I expressed how excited I was that track pants -- or fancy sweats as I like to call them -- were becoming trendy. Because really, I thoroughly enjoy any clothing that maximizes laziness and is acceptable in public (see yoga pants, sneakers, and oversized sweaters). Track pants are basically the Holy Grail. I think that they make people look fucking cool but not sloppy. And on top of that, they are perfect for when you are going out to dinner and just know that you are going to stuff yourself. Which I did multiple times last week. Fancy sweats for the win.

Usually, I like to buy multipurpose items to get the most bang for my buck and the longer fancy sweats stick around, the more possibilities I see. This mostly means items I can wear dressed up for work, or dressed down on the weekends. I used to only picture track pants as casual weekend wear, but now I wear mine casually, out to bars, and to work. Obviously if you work in a conservative, professional office, the fancy sweat pants ain't gunna fly. However, if you work in a creative job, or San Francisco, you can definitely make them work by polishing them off with a blazer, collared shirt, and structured bag.


Pants, Madewell $75

Work Look
Necklace, Baublebar $40
Chambray Popover, J. Crew Factory $40
Blazer, H&M $25
Bag, H&M $35
Heels, Spurr $35

Weekend Look
Red Tank, French Connection $48
Cardigain, H&M $35
Necklace, Madewell $35
Sandals, ASOS $42
Bag, Mix No. 6 $50
Sunglasses, Necessary Clothing $10
Hat, ASOS $42

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