June 18, 2014


For me, one hard thing about transitioning to working full time was making breakfast and lunch ahead of time. I am absolutely not a morning person. I sleep in until the last possible minute, slap some makeup on,  toss my hair in a top knot, and scoot out the door. I've got this down to a science, it takes 12 minutes. This left me no time to prepare breakfast or lunch, so I stopped at Starbucks everyday on my way to work. Buying breakfast and lunch every day is not only expensive, but unhealthy. I started looking for recipes I could make ahead of time in bulk and grab when I am running out the door. Trader Joe's salads have been my savior for lunch, but breakfast needed some work. Here are some of my favorite fast, healthy breakfast recipes.

1.Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake from The Messy Baker - For this recipe I just sub in chocolate almond milk instead of plain almond milk and cocoa powder. This seriously tastes like a treat, and it's easy to make ahead and refrigerate. Also great post-workout for protein.

2. Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes from Blogilates - These are literally mashed up bananas and eggs, nothing else. Sounds super funky, but give them a try! Just make sure to mash the banana up really well. I make these the night before, keep in a Tupperware in the fridge, and just eat them plain on my walk to work. 

3. Homemade McMuffins from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs - For these bad boys, I sub in turkey bacon and light cheese for regular bacon and mozzarella in the recipe. Another good tip is to toss them on a whole wheat english muffin for an on the go sandwich. Make sure to also load up your eggs with veggies! You can freeze the egg cups over night and pop them in the oven while you are getting ready in the morning.  

4. Overnight Oats from Lauren Conrad - I've seen a lot of overnight oats recipes with seemingly endless ingredient lists, but this recipe from LaurenConrad.com sticks to the basics. These "cook" overnight, and in the morning all you have to do is grab the jar on your way out. Overnight oats are served best with fresh fruit on top, so I keep sliced fruit in a separate Tupperware and assemble at work.

As a bonus tip, if you forgot your lunch (like I do at least once a week), check out Itsy Bitsy Indulgences Guide to the Healthiest Fast Food Lunches.  They have tons of health tips on their blog!

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