April 11, 2014


I'm just about ready to move to Europe, especially if my front door looked like this.

-When I read this post on Man Repeller, I was appalled that someone called her "ugly as fuck". In what world do we live in that a man calls a woman that, LET ALONE IN A PROFESSIONAL EMAIL? Why was that even relevant? I wish I knew what website it was so I could boycott. Her response was beautiful. I don't know if I would have taken such a high road.
-This might just be my favorite sloth video ever, which is really saying something. I also imagine this is how I am in the morning when I am looking for coffee. and food. or maybe advil and water.
-I had never met a dry shampoo I liked, until now.
-I saw this wedding video over a year ago, and I still love every last detail.

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