April 25, 2014


Holy shit am I in need of some Spring Cleaning and organizing. Something I have never touched on here is that I work two jobs, so my only day off every week is Sunday. I'm totally okay with it -- I chose a job and career where I would make less money, but the sacrifice to do something I love is worth it. However, this leaves me with very little free time to fit in grocery shopping, laundry, hang out with my friends, sleeping, and cleaning my room. Obviously cleaning gets shoved to the end of the list every weekend. This is the first weekend in a long time that I am taking Saturday off, and I plan to make the most of it. Including organizing and cleaning my room, sigh.

-I scored this J. Crew tunic for $20 yesterday in store!
-Uhh.. Yum.
-50 Movies for Fashion Lovers, definitely bookmarking.
-I started a 'Finds Under $50' Pinterest board to save my favorites. Follow along!
-Hell yeah for more brunch spots in SF.
-Okay, I love this LA home. I'm ready to move in.
-Acai bowls are moving in down the street, maybe I'm not ready for LA yet.
-My obsession with Iggy Azalea is getting out of hand. This video is on repeat all. the. time.

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