April 18, 2014


Friday already? This week flew by so quickly. Midweek I lost all motivation and positive vibes and Pinterest, of all things, pulled me out of my funk. Seriously, the power of reading positive words is truly amazing.
Water Color Tattoo
Watercolor Tattoo image via

-I showed you my favorite dry shampoo last week... but dry conditioner!? I need to try this.
-Kid President is the most wonderful human to ever walk the planet. His videos make me giggle and laugh and feel inspired. And this is one of my favorites.
-I luuuuuuuurve this tablescape.
-Did you know Nordstrom sells select products from Etsy stores? I just found out about this today.
-I don't personally have a tattoo, nor do I think I will ever get one, but I do think watercolor tattoos are so beautiful. I also can't imagine the level of talent a tattoo artist must have.
-Gimme Gimme Gimme.

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