August 25, 2012


While it may seem evident from my blog that I only wear things that look like they can be used as lethal weapons, I do have a soft side too. As me and one of my best friends say, we like to play dress up. When I am at work, on a date, at the country club, I put on my chiffon flowey dress, floral prints, and pretty jewelry (and pretty lipstick, as per usual).  One demure and feminine trend I have been dying (no lethal weapon pun intended) to add into my wardrobe is peter pan collars. While I haven't rocked one since age 5, these updated looks have chic written all over them.

 When rocking these styles, I like to wear them with pencil jeans, flats, loads of mascara and a topknot. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Madeline. Check out these 16 finds under $50.


 1. Dress, $45 2.Dress, $42 3. Colorblock Dress, Topshop $24
4. Lace Top, Forever21 $18 5. Top, Pull and Bear $32 6. Stripe Top, $29
7. Polkadot Top, Delias $30 8. Chiffon Dress, $17

Another fabulous way to integrate this trend into your wardrobe is through your jewelry box. These necklaces are pretty, affordable, and versatile. Try wearing them with a striped t-shirt, or some boyfriend jeans to add some menswear love.


1. Outline Collar, Urban Outfitters $28 2. Beaded Collar, Topshop $28 3. Wavy Collar, Asos $20
4. Silver Collar, Asos $31 5. Beaded Collar, Forever21 $25 6. Chain Collar, BP Nordstrom $20
7. Gold Chain Collar, Asos $20 8. Net Collar, Topshop $50

Merci Madeline, for inspiring our style years ago while watching cartoons.

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