August 20, 2012


Target is my favorite store, I could spend hours there looking at things I don't need and buy anyways. So today we are going to take a look into Target products vs. some other beloved brands.

 I have been coveting these Dolce Vita flats at Nordstrom's for awhile now, and literally stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the pair from Target. THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. In fact, I think I may like the target versions a little bit better. My only qualm is that the comfort levels probably differs since the Dolce Vita flats are better quality.
Left: DV Dolce Vita, $78.98 Here.
Right: Merona, $19.99 Here.

Next up: I have been trying to get into this whole lipstick trend going on right now and decided to try out this Kate Moss for Rimmel London shown on the right. Usually I stay far away from cheap lipsticks because the texture is funky. But this lipstick is amazinggggg. It's a great shade of coral that isn't too orange (which brings out the yellow in your teeth, ew) and it is a whopping $5. Plus, the packaging is cute. Sorry NARS, I am converting.

Left: Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipstick in 12 Here. (Apparenly Target doesn't stock Rimmel online)
Right: NARS Lipstick, $24 Here.

I am a big fan of sunglasses. I have all sorts, plastic, metal, cheap, designer, retro, classic, you name it. Tom Ford has always been one of my favorite sunglasses designers (although I can't afford them!), but these Target versions are cute little cat eyes that are right on trend too.
Left: Tom Ford Cat's Eye Sunglasses, $390 Here.
Right: Mossimo Gradient Lens Sunglasses, $16.99 Here.

While living in Italy, I stumbled across Brandy Melville. An Italian brand, although you think it was American because it looks like the love child of Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and a small bit of Abercrombie, AKA the epitome of California syle. They have an endless amount of awesome graphic tee's which aren't too expensive themselves, but I am also loving this Target version with Brigitte Bardot (one of my beauty icons!).

Left: Brandy Melville, $22 (link not available)
Right: Mossimo Licensed Tee, $14.99 Here.

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