January 22, 2015


While I have a complete and total infatuation with structured capes, I just can't seem to jump on board with the blanket cape. But I'm torn! On one hand, it really does look like a blanket wrapped around you. Like I was watching Netflix on the couch and couldn't find my jacket before I left type of look. Too bulky and unflattering. I also think I would be constantly adjusting it and pulling it up around my shoulders.

But then, I occasionally see photos where I really like it.  The photo of Kathleen above is a great example, as the cape looks chic and cozy but not too big and drapey. This mostly has to do with the length and size of the cape. 

I guess my biggest beef with this look is that you completely lose the shape of your body. This is one of those pieces that must be absolutely perfect in all it's proportions in order to keep from overwhelming your frame.  For the time being, it's a Nay for my closet. But who knows? I have a feeling blanket capes will be around for quite a few more years. 

Plus I could use one to keep warm in my office!

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