September 1, 2014


As silly as this may sound, I don't really like to wear my work clothes outside of work because they feel boring and un-special (is un-special a word? Probably not). I've always been like this, even when I worked retail and had to dress pretty trendy. Lately, I've been on the hunt for a new work bag, but I was having trouble finding a bag that was professional, affordable, and nicer than a store like F21 or H&M. Bags are one part of my wardrobe that I like to invest in, but since I don't picture myself using this bag much outside of work, I don't want to make a huge investment. Enter Zara. I was casually browsing the Zara site and came across their handbag section. I was floored by the collection of work appropriate bags that had nice shapes and cute details. And all of them are so affordable! Now which to choose...

Also worth noting, they have so many cute bags right now aside from the ones shown here. Some beautiful light pinks, bright reds, and fun shapes!


1. Shopper Bag $60 - 2. Leather Shopper Bag $159
3. Shopper Tote Bag $70 - 4. Two-Tone Mini City Bag $80
5. Office City Bag $100 - 6. City Bag with Front Pocket $119

(I just realized that Zara has many different bags all named 'Shopper', strange!)

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