May 15, 2014


Beef Tartare from Lolinda, drool.

I had SUCH a good time at Taste of Potrero last week. As I mentioned in my last post, San Francisco has an insane amount of great restaurants, and it gets tough on the budget to go out to eat all the time. Taste of Potrero was awesome because you get to try multiple restaurants in one night and save some cash. At the event, almost every restaurant that participated was new to me, so I was freaking stoked to sample all of their food.  

Homemade Burrata from Precita Park Cafe. 

I had to gather some liquid courage to eat this taco. Because it has alligator in it. I like to pretend that I am an adventurous eater, but I have little experience to back that up. After a few glasses of wine I gave the taco a go, and it was good. REALLY good. 

The Del Popolo pizza truck was also at the event. Del Popolo is one of my favorite food trucks in the city and I paid them several visits throughout the night. Unfortunately, I ate my pizza before I could remember to take photos. 

I truly can't wait until Taste of Potrero next year.
Thank you so much  to the event organizers and Collectively Inc.!

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