May 2, 2014


Today I'm up in Napa on a mini wine tasting getaway. I'm looking forward to taking a breath away from the city, and spending time with my boyfriend and his family. Wine country is one of my favorite things about California -- Napa and Santa Barbara are both incredible -- and I highly suggest planning a visit to either if you haven't already.

-Holy heat wave. It's been in the 80s in SF. This article captures my feelings perfectly.
-Old school A&F ads. I can't believe how many celebrities are in their ads.
-More dog videos. I hope I can train my dog to do this one day.
-Are you wondering if it's ice coffee weather? Click here.
-Pretty beach blanket made from textiles produced by women in developing countries. YEAH!
-This AirBnB has got me thinking that Joshua Tree is my next vacation.

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