November 20, 2012


 As of late, I have fallen off the fitness wagon. And then rolled down a hill, fell in a stream, and floated quite far. As of yesterday, I found my wagon and jumped back on. One major problem that I have when talking and reading about weight loss is calorie counting. I Don't Count Calories. I have so many friends that are so concerned with how many calories the are consuming, to the point that it becomes an obsessive tendency. And I admit, I was the same way for awhile. I do find it beneficial at the beginning of a weight loss journey to start counting calories so that you can realize how much you are overeating. That way, when you are later reading nutrition labels, you can decide if a granola bar is actually low-calorie, or "health" food.  However, after learning the proper amount of food you should be intaking, STOP COUNTING! Eating healthier is a much simpler solution. No person has ever become obese or overweight from eating too many vegetables and lean protein. Two important things to remember: Not all calories are created equal, 100 calories of Doritos is not the equivalent of 100 calories of broccoli.  And eat when you are hungry!!! Just make sure you are actually hungry and not bored.



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