November 18, 2012


The red carpet at the AMA's is always fun since all the celebs can dress more casual than a black tie affair. There were so many good looks tonight, but here are my favorites:

Psy, I love you and your sequin pants.

Fact: I was Ke$ha for Halloween 2010.
Another Fact: I think she looks wonderful in a demure look that is far from her style norm.

 Gwen Stefani wins for best hair and makeup, and this Balmain Jacket!
I die. No one else could pull it off.

 Damn, Jenny McCarthy, you look GOOD.

 I love the yellow of Kerri Washington's dress, the pretty lace, and the perfect coral heels. Usually more a spring/summer color combo but then again there are no seasons in Los Angeles.

Stacy Keibler, I will have your legs. And boyfriend. And this dress.

I didn't even realize this was the Backstreet Boys when I saw the photo. Suit Swag.
Seriously. She is always dressed perfectionately on the red carpet. 
And the Twiggy make-up... going to experiment right now...

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