July 10, 2015


My brain is in full summer mode. I am dreaming up trips from just down the high way to across the world. When I get the travel itch, it's very hard to shake so I've been trying diving deep in researching different trips. My travel bucket list is so long, it's pretty hard to narrow in on just one place. Austin? Peru? Miami? Thailand? The list keeps going...

A snap from last weekend's county fair.

- Are you in to meditation? I've given it a shot, but I find it pretty difficult. This guided meditation, eloquently titled "F*ck That", gave me a good laugh. 
- Tulum has been on my travel list for quite awhile, and I ooh'ed and ahh'ed over this guide on Design Comb. 
- I've been reading quite a bit on Medium lately, and I really enjoyed this story on therapy dogs in schools. The impact that therapy dogs, in conjunction with a school therapist, have had on the students is truly incredible.  
- A fascinating look at how Greenland Chef's are impacted by climate change. It's an interesting read from the perspective of a publication like Travel + Leisure, instead of a science or general news outlet. Also, how freaking gorgeous does Greenland look!?
- I'm starting to hit that age when friends are getting engaged and married. With that comes the bachelorette parties (I've already got one on the calendar for MDW 2016!). This article had me simultaneously laughing and shouting "YEAH, GIRL POWER!". It's crazy how long bachelor parties have been a tradition, while women were stuck sipping tea. 

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